LECET Initiatives

legal4Business Development
LECET will continue exploring promising new and developing areas in construction, environmental remediation, and other markets in search of opportunities for contractors and LIUNA members. LECET will also continue current business developments as listed below:

Project Tracking/Dodge Report/Construction Management Data – provides data to contractors on construction projects and related issues.

Project Alerts – are provided to contractors on upcoming bids.

Prevailing Wage Report – information gathered and organized for distribution to federal and state agencies.

Research Assistance – LECET provides this service to contractors and LIUNA members on various topics relating to the construction industry.

legalMarketing and Communications
Marketing and communication are pivotal components of LECET’s approach to union-sector market share enhancement. LECET has launched an aggressive and proactive marketing strategy targeting these specific areas:

Magazine – Published quarterly, our magazine contains interesting and focused information relating to union labor and management.

Public Awareness Campaign – LECET will continue to take advantage of media and advertising opportunities to promote trust and goodwill within the Union as well as cooperation with the membership and management.

Career Fairs/Recruitment – LECET will continue to participate in career fairs in high schools and vo-tech institutions throughout Eastern Missouri.

Trade Shows – Whenever possible, LECET will be involved in various construction related shows.

Marketing Packet – This packet contains a 4-color folder with various 2-color inserts describing the Laborer’s Training Center, LIUNA, LECET and other aspects of organized labor. Packets will be distributed at career fairs, training demos, legislative gathering and union functions.

To schedule a career fair, contact:
Construction Craft Laborer Apprenticeship Program
35 Opportunity Road
High Hill, MO 63350
(636) 585-2391
Fax:(636) 585-2604

For more information go to Eastern Missouri Construction Craft Training Center.

legal1Legal and Legislative
Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET) provides legislative and regulatory support to the Local Unions and signatory contractors on market-related issues at the state and local levels. LECET is fully committed to issues of mutual benefit to Labor Management and through the following areas:

  • State Prevailing Wage
  • Federal Davis-Beacon Wage Issues
  • Workers Compensation
  • Transportation Funding
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Issues resulting in the creation of new man-hours at the state and local levels
  • Infrastructure Funding
  • Work Rules and Regulations
  • Insurance
  • Equal Pay Provisions